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            Ten years past,Fukuda comes to be leadership of engineering construction laser manufacturers.
            Constantly come up with innovation products,urge the updating of laser industry,keep record of numerous NO.1.

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            • 2014-12-01Fukuda new products FDG232-G(Green Beam)
            • 2014-12-01Fukuda new products FLE444-G(Green Beam)
            • 2014-12-01Fukuda new products MW99T-G(Green Beam)
            • 2014-12-01Fukuda new products EK-112(1V1H)
            • 2014-08-01Aug.2014,Fukuda develop 3D green laser
            • 2014-07-20July,2014,Auto tracking laser FLG411AT/FD-11 volume produce
            • 2014-07-02July,2014,Fukuda develop 1V1M(a vertical line ,and a H fan)
            • 2014-06-22June 2014,Fukuda provide Super brightness cross line laser EK-189DP,EK-289DP,EK-489DP
            • 2013-12-31Fukuda provide more stable,reliable,brightness green beam cross line laser.
            • 2011-12-31Fukuda expand rotary product series,to medium and high level.With LCD,and digital slope FRE207. Breakthrough the technology of singal laser 360 degree,best selling cross line laser MW-99T.
            • 2009-12-31Fukuda keep the leading postion at domestic laser industry,develop small size sensor leveling cross line laser.In the middle and low-end market,Fukuda develop a self-leveling H plane & 1V--FLG130.In the meantime,develop 5 point laser--FDG230.
            • 2007-12-31Rotary laser FRE203 enter into market,and come to be hot sale products. Fukuda develop the first 3D line laser at domestic --FLE640.
            • 2005-12-31Fukuda owned core tech,develop sensor leveling corss line laser after Japan manufactory,provide advanced plummet laser
            • 2016-12-31Fukuda new products “69GJ" series (Green Beam)
            • 2016-08-26Construction of the two phase of the plant
            • 2014-08-02Aug.2,2014 Fukuda website Chinese version online
            • 2014-06-01By the end of June 2014,Fukuda got more than 50 patents right
            • 2014-05-052013,FUKUDA honored as Vice President Unit of CSGPC
            • 2013-12-01Dec.2013,Fukuda Building commencement ceremony
            • 2012-12-312012 Fukuda annual turnover more than RMB200 million
            • 2011-03-15March 2011,ISO 9001
            • 2011-01-18Fukuda cross line laser domestic market share rise to No.1 since 2011
            • 2011-01-152011,Advanced scientific and technology enterprise
            • 2010-12-312010 Fukuda annual turnover more than RMB 100 million
            • 2009-01-122009 Fukuda established 5 year anniversary
            • 2008-10-15Aug. 2008,Fukuda Laser trademark Fukuda was granted by State Trademark Burea
            • 2007-08-01August 2007,Fukuda honored as "Jiangsu HI-TECH Enterprise","Jiangsu HI-TECH Product
            • 2004-11-01Nov.2014,Fukuda established